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  • Added: December 15, 2017

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For Advanced technology, energy+ efficiency See Sparesshack online Shop

We provide only the best in Fit&Forget CREE Sparesshack Led lighting Systems

A Niche Ecom Portal Marketing difficult to get off the shelf products …

We are a niche online store. .
We offer the best in LED Lighting, Systems (not usually available off the shelf)

Sparesshack Automotive Led Lighting
-Within a more crowded Lighting of me too products we are providing a well developed bomb proof,weather proof Power rescue,FIT&FORGET Constructed to last and continue .ip67++ rated Aluminium alloy Moulded Lighting system.This isnt only an assembly mill but here every single element is painstakingly designed and built by a scratch. .

Improve the look of your favorite machine together with our Hi Performance products by Sparesshack . .
LED lighting systems certainly are a intelligent inno and durability place us light years beforehand, providing it a clear advantage in today s competitive reasonable market. For example we concentrate on the lens parabolic or 4 D lens where ever( design dimensions permit ) potential we are a step forward . .
SPECIALTY OF LEDS -Why not the current drawn reflect in the wattage? . !!
Every light bar has it’s own thermal management system so that the LED’s are not over-driven and burn out. A low voltage tech can calculate the wattage in the amperage by using this example equation; “Wattage/Voltage”, to receive the Amperage or Current draw. Since good management methods do not over-drive their LED’s for their highest theoretical wattage output, amperage will be lower, in some instances up to 25 percent.
There is also considerably lesser heating, :::There is also lower battery drain because of greater power management as a result of inbuilt chip inside the LED Sparesshack Lightning PROFESSIONAL SERIES mild Pods pub. Not too flashy, not too expensive, but gets the work done and gets it done WELL. Utilizing the most up-to-date in 4D lens technology to improve bulb efficiency, the very best possible materials to increase longevity, to prevent condensation when keeping the best in watertight seals, this mild pub brings the best of all worlds into an inexpensive bundle. There are a whole lot of factors to look at in light bars. Sort of led chip, PCB board design and electronics, amount of aluminum and type from extrusion, powder coat, optics, lens, hardware, gaskets, vents, ecological testing. We’ve carefully studied every part of the LED lighting bars into the maximum level of quality to offer a robust lighting with awesome output and dependability. You will see most of the cheap LED lighting bars are only touting lumens. But lumens are just one part of this equation. Without the Proper electronics controlling the headed and the right optics with the Perfect amount of aluminum for heating

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