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Software Development Kit for Live Streaming

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  • Added: January 2, 2018

  • Sale Price: Rs 800

  • Location: Chennai

  • Phone: 97 899 78960

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1. Cheapest price
2.100% Support Included
3. Special features such as Multi-CDN and Receiver service.
4. Dedicated Personal Server, Personal Browsing, Unlimited Private Channels.
5. Skill to speedtest your private CDN and receivers

Go on and take the LiveBox challenge. Search everywhere and compare us Service Providers, Consultants, or any place else. There is no greater functional and value for money solution than LiveBox for what it is possible to get within one single Box.

Why is exactly the same solution more costly with alternative choices?

Other solutions are costly since their revenue pipeline includes a lot of commission makers. We are product experts and we opt to use a different path to convey with our customers and sell directly to our customers.

What are the limits?

There are not any limits on your usage on the basic solution. We keep it very clear for you so you can observe just how much CPU power and Bandwidth you use so which you may update to 10G bandwidth and dedicated Multi-core processors depending upon your usage.

What else could you buy?

1. Location based associated CDNs will also be readily available to supply you with the lowest latency.
2. Infinite 24/7/365 transcoding.

Why LiveBox for your dedicated streaming server?

1. It is White Labelable
2. It has the highest variety of attributes
3. It costs the cheapest so you’re able to offer competitive pricing for your clientele.
4.Built-in IPTV, Cloud Encoding, Transcoding and Streaming. That’s all you need. Period.

Enjoy what you learned? Contact +919789978955 or even +919789978981

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